PIADS – Psychosocial Impact of Assistive Devices Scale

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What is PIADS

The Psychosocial Impact of Assistive Devices Scale (PIADS) is a 26-item, self-report questionnaire designed to assess the effects of an assistive device on functional independence, well-being, and quality of life. The PIADS was researched and developed to fill the need for a reliable, valid, and economical measure that is generically applicable across all major categories of assistive technology.


Research has established that the instrument has good internal consistency, test-retest reliability, and construct validity. It is a responsive measure and sensitive to important variables such as the user’s clinical condition, device stigma, and functional features of the device. It has been shown to accurately reflect the self-described experiences of people who use assistive devices. Preliminary investigations suggest that the PIADS has good validity for predicting device use and discontinuance, can be used reliably by caregivers to give proxy ratings of device impact, and produces valid results when translated into languages other than English. The PIADS has excellent potential for testing and building theories about the psychosocial factors associated with the use of assistive technology.

Latest Updates

Jan 3 2020 – Updates to Childrens PIADS materials, Short PIADS and Reference list at PIADS Portfolio

PIADS  Forms

Here you can find all of the PIADS forms and translations to undertake your evaluation of the impact of assistive devices

Articles about PIADS

Here are the news stories and research articles about the use of PIADS across the world

PIADS training

Do you want to know more about using PIADS here are some resources to help


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